Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Stop The Insanity!!!

I learned of a new dog breed yesterday at work. Did you know that they are now making miniature goldendoodles? I almost shit myself excuse my language. We are creating more and more new breeds, and this lady spent twelve hundred dollars on this dog. Apparently they grow up to be no more than twenty pounds. The lady who owns the puppy was talking about her "littermates" and just the whole way she was talking made me feel nauseated. I'm sure she claims to love animals, but I don't agree. People like that want a prized possession, a trophy pet, and in my opinion that is not love. Love is going to a shelter and giving a homeless animal a home, and not giving an eff about what kind of dog it is. Love is recognizing that animals have emotions and wants and needs just like humans, and love doesn't need a pedigree, or papers, or a cutesy pootsy name. And love doesn't cost thousands of dollars. I am so upset that I really am having a hard time. I have been working at the grooming shop for a little over two months, and on one hand I can count the dogs who have come from a shelter.
I am at a loss, what the hell can we do to stop this? Because I'm sorry but posting pics of vegan food is not enough. Talking about what kind of vegan diet to follow is not enough. But I also know that it is deeply ingrained in a lot of people that animals are here to serve us in every demented way possible.
In addition to the fact that millions of animals are in shelters, the shelters themselves are hurting financially, and need help. Imagine if someone had a two thousand dollar budget for a dog, and bought an adorable pooch or kitty from a shelter, and donated the rest of the money to that shelter? That would help so much I can't even imagine. There are animals who might live their whole lives in a shelter. How can we allow that? What has made us so heartless and obsessed with money, and turning a blind eye to the fact that we all need to actively participate in REALITY if we want to make a change.
I have a fantasy of becoming some kind of super hero type of badass, and saving the animals from the evil humans. Sometimes I'm an iron man type of super hero, and sometimes I'm more of an Arrow type hand to hand, sometimes arrow combat type of super hero. After I properly take care of all of the people who cause harm to animals, i'll swing around and take down all of the racist and sexist bullies. Something tells me a lot of people will be seeing me twice, as I see a correlation between the three. I wonder if there is a vegan comic book complete with super powers?
All fantasy aside, this overbreeding needs to stop! Say no to frankenfood, and frankenpets.

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