Thursday, September 11, 2014

Laughing Through the Insanity

I was very sad to hear of Joan Rivers passing. She seemed like she would outlive every body. She was so feisty and vibrant! I wish I were that vibrant now, let alone at eighty one years young! This past weekend, I watched some clips of fashion police on YouTube, and as YouTube does, I got sucked into a Joan Rivers vortex. But it's okay because I needed to laugh, which brings me to my point. I saw a clip of Watch what Happens live, and Andy Cohen asked her something, I can't even remember the question, but I remember her answer. She said "life is hard, you have to laugh or you can't make it." Laughing has always been one of my favorite pastimes. I lough the really messy, almost ugly laughing where tears are streaming, mascara is running, you are totally snorting, and your ab muscles are getting a workout. If someone has the ability to make me laugh like that, I usually want to be around that person often.
As I've mentioned, I am definitely battling the blues, and I have been doing my fair share of crying, and I need that balance of laughter, so I don't jump in front of a bus. Or someone texting and driving, as that happens way more often than a bus. I think a good belly laugh is healing for your soul.
I think anyone's life, and health can be greatly improved by snorting at least once a day.
Since I encounter mostly racists, sexists, hunters, and all around unpleasant people on the daily, I have to rely on outsourcing for my humor. Some of my latest favorites are in no particular order, The Brilliant Idiots podcast, In Bed with Joan(Joan Rivers of course),and Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. Also if you're into cheap celeb gossip like me(guilty pleasure) you should read D-listed. It is so snarky and hilarious that I can't remember a time that I haven't cried tears of laughter while reading. Sometimes the post titles alone are enough to crack me up. These things have been helping me keep my spirits up. I love listening to The Brilliant Idiots podcast when I'm cleaning, or cooking, it really helps make even the tedious things like scrubbing toilets fun!
So, as of now, I am still on the losing end of the blues, but I can say that so far, chia drinks, and belly laughs at least once a day are at least helping me stay afloat.

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