Thursday, June 19, 2014

A little about me

In case anyone is taking the time to read this blog, you might be wondering why I don't just sign up for a computer class. I am truly too terrified. I signed up for a class on computers at my local library, and I was too much of a wimp to go. Years and years ago I was signed up for a computer class, and the first day the teacher passed out these weird foam rubber bricks and told us to throw them at anyone who asked a dumb question and guess what? Yes I did get these bricks thrown at me. It was so awful. I don't remember the question, I just remember those bricks and I never went back. At that point I gave up on classes of any kind. and I think I just thought I was too dumb. I never really gave it a whole lot more thought and just did various jobs, such as waitressing, bartending , etc. But guess what? When you don't have a college education, there just aren't a lot of choices. I didn't know that back then. Now. I'm so burned out on serving people, and being abused I could really crawl in a ball and cry. So that's kind of the condensed version of why I haven't  just hopped on into a computer class. I think I'm going to see if someone who fixes computers at my dad's job will help me. Kind of like an adult tutor. So I have a plan to learn how to make my blog great, and I have been doing so much research on becoming a better writer. In addition to this blog, I have tons of notebooks going. I really enjoy it. I actually really love learning, I think I just don't do well in a class type of setting. So it feels really great to be learning and making these goals and although I probably should have learned how to really operate a blog first that would allow me to procrastinate but this silly little blog I started is really making me stay focused and that is so great! Because even if no one ever reads this blog, improving my writing skills and learning how to really use a computer for more than surfing the web will be an improvement in my goals. I'll be talking to my dad this weekend and definitely writing about the outcome! I can't wait to really put my all into this! Have a wonderful day!!!

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