Sunday, September 11, 2016

The One With So Many Pictures Plus a Cat

I did it! I went to my first Vegfest ever! I didn't want to mention it, because sometimes I plan to go to stuff like this, and either depression or social anxiety gets the best of me. Even as I was on the bus I was contemplating not going, so it was a real will she or won't she. She did, and she didn't get lost!
I saw this tank at one of the stalls! So cool, that's one of my all time favorite podcasts ever!
Sorry, I know I should have gotten closer, but I just felt uncomfortable and dorky so I tried to be as discreet as possible. I really need to get over that feeling!
It was smaller than I expected, but very nice. There were the stands selling shirts, and stickers and such and a stand giving out free samples. That had the longest lines! Ha ha. And some local restaurants showed up and represented. It was nice that it was at the library, because think about how many non vegans go to the library on a Saturday, and might get tempted by the delicious smells!
Speaking of the library, I perused it a little more since I got there so early, and man there are some beautiful views from the third floor!
Look at those mountains! So beautiful. Sometimes I want to ask people if they realize how beautiful that is! I guess being raised in the flat mid-west just makes me feel in awe of mountains.
I was leafing through the newest issue of Vegetarian Times, and I saw this ad and fell in love! I think it was for lightlife vegan dogs.
I was happy to see these vegan bars sold in the cafe at the library. I am constantly surprised by how vegan friendly this city is.
Can you believe this is a library? It really is a beautiful building. I always love the windows as walls look.
This is a house close to my apartment that I walk by everyday, and it's just so pretty it always cheers me up, even on those dark days when I've gotten lost and/or rejected. There's something about the blue picket fence and the sunflowers that is just so heartwarming. There are so many adorable houses around my neighborhood. Not big old fancy ticky tacky houses, just cute modest homes that are just very charming.
I made Goddess noodles from Isa Does It last night, and man, if you are a fan of tahini, you need to make these. I made the recipe even easier by using kale instead of broccoli, and I just chopped it and cooked it with the pasta. I left the garlic raw and just added it to the tahini sauce. This was one of the most delicious things I've had in quite awhile. If you have this book, you should do yourself the biggest favor and make it. And the leftovers are delicious, and as a bonus tasty cold!
Isa outdid herself!

This is one of those dishes that proves sometimes simple is best. This dish took only ten or fifteen minutes total to make, and really hit the spot!
This was the stuff that came in the tote bag pictured above. There are some Tofurky coupons, a daiya coupon, and some coupons for a few local businesses, and a coupon for an online vegan shoe company. I have a very comfortable kitty on my lap that I don't want to disturb, but later on I'll check the store and if anyone wants the coupon, let me know. If the store is offering fifty dollars off a pair of shoes, that tells me their stuff is out of my universe. Fifty dollars is more than I spend on a pair of shoes to begin with! The store is Nicora, and I just checked their website, and le sigh they aren't for me. But that's a great deal so please let me know if anyone wants it! I hate letting good coupons go to waste!
Here's a sleeping Joan. She and Etta are the hardest for me to get pictures of. I think they're both a little more like me when it comes to photos, where as Roxy and Afro are super models, and Kanye just kind of tolerates the pictures.
It felt good to push myself out of my comfort zone yesterday. I recommend everyone do it once in awhile. Now the next time I'll have an easier time pushing myself because of this experience. And I think it helps us learn and grow.
Happy Sunday!


  1. Yay, that's so great that you went to the VegFest! :D Very pretty mountain pictures, and wow, that house with the sunflowers would make me so happy to pass by everyday, too! The Goddess noodles look great; that will have to be the next recipe I try from her cookbook!

    1. The Goddess noodles are seriously a new favorite. And it's a meal that is ready in like ten minutes! I think I'm going to try her broccoli "cheesey" soup next!

  2. So pleased you had a good time at Vegfest. It looks like a great location. That view of the mountains is fantastic. SLC looks like a stunning place to live. I love being able to see the hills where I live now. I think there's something about it that's good for the soul. I have not tried that noodle recipe yet but you've definitely sold it to me!

    1. It really is beautiful.I am constantly amazed by the beauty. I think mountains are definitely good for the soul. You should try the Goddess noodles, if you love tahini. It is seriously one of the easiest dinners too, but it tastes fancy.

  3. SO happy you were able to go to the veg fest! YAY! Lovely pics! Fun times!!! Awesome library, too, WOW!

  4. I love free veg fests. I think they are the best at getting the message out! Especially when they are held in colleges, libraries, and other public places, because I know there have been times when I lived in Philly and just walked around and was like "Oh? What this event going on?!"