Thursday, September 8, 2016

The Missing Video!

I seriously have no idea what happened this morning with this video. It was on my post, and then it wasn't. My post must have seemed sooooo random in the beginning. I don't know if it was me or blogger, I don't even feel a need to place blame, I just wanted to fix the problem! So, this is what the heck I was talking about in the beginning of my post this morning!


  1. Haha yes! Candace is fun to watch! I like her and Lauren Toyota a lot. No drama and normal, balanced meals. Definitely very inspiring!

    Hope that all is well and that the dog walking clients start coming your way!

    1. I love her videos. You're right, she and Lauren Toyota are the best. Sometimes when I watch the more health focused vegans too much, I start feeling an unhealthy obsession with eating clean, and I like to be more balanced and normal.
      I should be getting my cards for mt dog walking on Monday, and I am going to sell myself like you wouldn't believe!