Thursday, March 31, 2016

Sunny Days!

Hello World!
Blue skies and sunshine in Seattle in March is almost like seeing a unicorn!  Today and tomorrow are supposed to be even nicer, with no clouds and temperatures reaching almost seventy! Yesterday was one of those days where everyone was smiling and happy, we all needed the sunshine! I just realized that I saw zero snow this year! After surviving two and a half miserable winters in the snow belt, it wasn't missed at all.
I took a long walk around Ballard yesterday. It was full of energy, all the shops had their doors open, and people were walking their dogs, and smiling. It was awesome!
I made it into Twice Sold Tales, the used bookstore I saw the other day.
This is what you see when you first come in. Book after book after book. They have chairs and stools all over the shop, and also paper bags in case you find a lot of books. It's everything I want in a bookstore, a little creaky, a little disheveled, cozy, and very worn in and comfortable. Kind of like a favorite book. No kitties, that would have been Utopia.

I thought of that hilarious show Portlandia when I saw the Gender and Womans studies section of the book. One of the ongoing scenes of the show takes place in what I believe is a feminist bookstore, and it is always hysterical. I never got the appeal of Fred Armisen until I watched this show.
I don't know if anyone's heard of The Tractor, but it's a pretty popular club that has a lot of great bands, both famous and local, and in a lot of cases both. I am just now realizing that DUH, it would have really made sense to cross the street and get pictures of all the posters and signs on the windows. Sorry, at this point my allergies were making life a little difficult, and I wasn't thinking. If you love music and ever visit Seattle, check out what's going on at The Tractor.

This was the book I chose to purchase. I enjoy Laurie Notaro's writing, and so far this book is pretty funny.
Oven fries with FYH's vegan ranch, and some Carolina Gold BBQ sauce for dipping for dinner. These fries were doused liberally with curry powder and smoked paprika. Delicious.
If you didn't read yesterday's post, I have some coupons I'm giving away for Qrunch burgers. I have three coupons for free boxes, and four one dollar off coupons. All I ask is that you see if they are available in your area, and then let me know. I'm just giving them away in the order that I find out.
Happy Thursday!


  1. That used bookstore looks awesome! We used to have one in town, then it shifted to become a children's bookstore, and then it closed. :( At least there's still the library, though!

    1. It's so sad that used bookstores are becoming a thing of the past. Even new bookstores are becoming more and more obsolete. I agree about the libraries though!

  2. I love all of Portlandia, but do get especially excited when the feminist bookstore is part of the show.

  3. Those trees look so nice! Is that the view from your apartment?

  4. I spent some time at the library today...mostly to de-compress. Perhaps I will blog about it tomorrow!

    1. I hope it helped, it usually helps me!