Saturday, March 12, 2016

Allergies Get in the Way!!

I saw this bush yesterday and the flowers look like buttercup flowers. I don't know what kind of bush it is, but I love buttercup flowers. I also took a picture of the library that I go to most often, the Northgate branch, since that's my current hood.
Definitely not as modern as the Ballard branch! At this point in my journey, my eyes were on fire, and my nose was running for it's life. I think I'm sensitive to the buds in the beginning of spring. Like that bush, and everything sprouting new life. As soon as things have settled in and grown a little, I seem to be fine. Ahh,the life of an uninsured person. I remember once reading an article with some doctor who was complaining about people using Web M.D. to figure out what's wrong with them. He was saying for people to "just go to a doctor" I think sometimes people forget that not everyone has that luxury. And it's the jobs that pays the least offer no insurance. Okay, rant over.
The real reason I was out in this part of my hood was to go to Target and pick up some vegan Ben&Jerry's!  I just couldn't contain myself, and I said allergies be dammed!
There it is, in all it's glory! My Target has it with their other vegan ice creams, not with all of their other Ben&Jerry's, so don't get discouraged if you don't see it right away. At first I got excited because the non vegan flavors were on sale, two for seven, but alas the sale didn't stretch to the non vegan tubs. I chose the Chunky Monkey and peanut butter cookie flavors. I will be trying the coffee caramel fudge my next trip. I'm not sure if I'll try the fudge brownie. Responses have been lukewarm, and I've heard a lot of people say the chocolate flavor is lacking. So, at five dollars I just don't know.
Chunk is super interested! Dylan loved vegan ice cream, he really loved the coconut bliss ice cream, because he loved coconut! I miss him so much. Anyway, Chunk wouldn't let me get a picture sans cat!
Sadly, after all this hype I didn't even try it. Usually I try ice cream when I get home, because the trip has softened it to the perfect consistency, but I was in so much pain when I got home I just took this picture, and forgot to taste! I made a simple dinner and went to lay down, thinking I would taste after I got my headache under control, but that never happened. Allergies are bad when they get in the way of ice cream tasting!

I had this pesto in the fridge that I found at Grocery Outlet(it's not easy to find vegan pesto) and we all know I have tons of pasta, so add some edamame beans and I've got dinner! I topped mine with nutritional yeast and hemp hearts. This pesto is really tasty. It tastes really fresh, and it's nice and lemony and garlic-y!
I'm going to do some extra cardio today, so I can have a Ben&Jerry's taste test later on!
Not thrilled to be woken with a camera.
Happy Caturday!


  1. Oh no, your allergies sound so miserable..! I hope they pass soon.
    How exciting you found the vegan ben and jerry's! Yum!! And your pasta dinner looks fabulous:)

  2. Finding the vegan Ben&Jerry's was worth battling my allergies! I'm hoping they will clear up in a few weeks when the cherry blossoms are done. That pesto was surprisingly delicious, and tasted really fresh!

  3. $5 is a steal! Gah! (That Pasta really does look great)

    1. After tasting it, five dollars is a total steal! That pesto sauce is so tasty, and so cheap!

  4. Good call on the brownie ice cream. I wasn't impressed, and mine wasn't properly filled (though I did get a refund so I am not complaining) I hope you enjoy the ice cream!

    And I feel you on the uninsured thing. I am insured but I still get really anxious about getting charged for things regardless. I really do wish we had some sort of healthcare system like England. My mother hurt her foot while traveling there and go treated for free! Everyone seemed to casual about it, but the way they described the visit just made me think about how a friend had to go to the emergency room to get a referral for seizures just to be covered by insurance.

    1. Every single review I've read/watched has said the brownie version is seriously lacking.
      I haven't had a physical in so many years, I forget what a physical even is! I assume that I'm healthy because I feel healthy, and lately I have been living healthy, but I mean who really knows!
      England sounds wonderful!

    2. England isn't the only place with awesome healthcare. Basically we are the only first world country with such shitty healthcare. Hell, even Brazil's government covers sex changes. It is a shame our country thinks we are so progressive when we hear "lesser countries" that are much more progressive. I think the idea of having government sponsored healthcare would be great, if people want to they can still get private insurance. Yes it would make taxes higher, but truthfully, we would still have so much easier than other countries.

    3. When I watched Sicko, I was shocked by how bad it really is. I can't believe that we think we're so awesome as a country, and this is probably going to continue for the rest of my life. I just assume that I will never have healthcare, and I try to stay as healthy as possible and let food be my medicine.
      I just don't see anyone figuring it out anytime soon.