Friday, March 25, 2016

Greens and Beans

I feel like spinach is the perfect green for smoothies. Sometimes kale or collards can be a little tough for non vitamix blenders to work with, and also those greens have a stronger taste. Spinach is the way I would go if I were trying to sneak some greens into a picky eaters diet. This is my current favorite smoothie. Spinach, frozen mango chunks, and pineapple juice. Trader Joe's has this amazing pineapple juice that is not from concentrate, and it is so AHMAZING! With the sweetness from the mango and juice, you can really pack in a lot of greens.
I wanted to play around with lightening up cashew Alfredo by using half cooked white beans, and half cashews. I wrote down the recipe, and while it is pretty tasty for my first attempt, it needs some tweaking, which I will do. I used about 3/4 of a cup of beans, and 1/4 C. of cashews. It was still creamy and rich, and the sauce didn't really suffer, I just need to play around with seasonings.
I put a little too much lemon juice in the sauce. I forgot that there was a lot less fat to cut through. I liked that it was still rich and creamy but it wasn't so heavy. I will definitely play around with this. I still have tons of pasta to go through after all! Spring is making me feel inspired to experiment in the kitchen. Pretty soon the produce department will be lush and beautiful again. It was nice citrus, but I'm ready to move on!
Happy Friday!


  1. I dont recall if you have made the Oh She Glows Avocado Pasta? that is some good stuff (if you dont O.D. on it)

    1. Yes, that is one of my favorite dishes. The only reason I don't make it more often is because the leftovers turn brown, and I can't get past that color, it makes me gag, so I always eat too much of it. I just need to make the recipe a bit smaller.