Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Mini Haul and New Kevita Kombucha Flavors

I said I was going to keep challenging myself to take pictures in public, and I'm super proud of these two pictures. This is right on Market Street, which is a very happening street in Ballard. I've been wanting to take a picture of this for so long, because no matter how many times I see this, from across the street I always think it's a really sad looking dog, and i wonder if I can pet it. I never take a picture because of all the people, and today I took about four or five pictures, and look, I lived to tell!
That's my Trader Joe's bag in the background in the top picture! The sheep is in front of like a fancy    super artisanal store that seems to sell furniture and such. I don't know, it looks super expensive and super uninviting. I wonder why they made him look so sad?
Here's my Trader Joe's haul framed by Chunk and Animal. They assume every haul is for them, and this was a rare time when everything was for me! It was confusing. Trader Joe's was out of frozen pineapple! Weird right? So, I got frozen mango, and discovered a new amazing smoothie. Spinach, pineapple juice and frozen mango. I would have added banana but they aren't ripe. Last week I was doing banana, frozen pineapple and baby kale. Very tropical. The frozen mango adds a creaminess similar to frozen bananas. Trader Joe's has some really good pineapple juice too.
I attempted to make a vegan Shepard's pie. It turned out like a million times uglier than the picture with the recipe, but it tasted pretty good. It had lentils and mushrooms as the base, and I added about a fourth of a bag of soy curls that were lurking in my cupboard. I forget which recipe I used. Honestly, I probably won't make this again. I think I prefer mashed potatoes as they are. I think I would have preferred to just make a lentil mushroom gravy to serve over the potatoes.
I had a little more Peanut butter and cookie Ben&Jerry's. It has the salty and sweet thing that I really enjoy.
I also saw these new to me flavors of Kevita kombucha. I grabbed the citrus to try, although I looooove spicy food, I don't know how I feel about a spicy drink. I feel a little scared to be completely honest. Well, I just tried the citrus flavor, and wow, it tastes a lot like sprite. Not exactly sprite, but like a lemon lime soda. It's really refreshing, and will be wonderful on a hot summer day. It's really crisp. I also like Kevita because it isn't super sweet, but also not super dry which I don't care for. Anyway, all the thumbs up for this one! Kevita is definitely the kombucha that I buy the most. It's almost always the cheapest, and all of their flavors are delicious. Maybe next time I'll be brave and try the Mango Habanero!
Happy Wednesday!



  1. Spicy drinks can take some time to get use to. I first found out about them through a beer that was brewed with some spicy peppers. It was actually really yummy. Then I tried another that was SUPER SPICY and it was awful. XD I guess they all can't be good? I doubt that kevita would be that spicy though.

    I think the sheep are suppose to go on a lawn and look like it is grazing on grass? Maybe?

  2. I might try the spicy Kevita today. I loooove spicy food, it's just I've never had a spicy drink, other than a spicy bloody Mary! But I think you're right, and it won't be super spicy. The citrus flavor sure is delicious!
    That totally makes sense about the sheep, and that's why he looks so sad, because he has nothing but concrete to graze on!

  3. are killing me! LOL
    Fine...fine...I'll be right back! More comments soon...gotta go get some Kev!