Thursday, June 1, 2017

Random Thursday

It's funny things you get to see just from changing it up a bit. Yesterday I walked on the opposite side of the street that I usually walk, and I came across this. It made me happy to see it, and also a little sad because I truly believe that to be true.
I also saw this pretty bush? Or maybe it's just flowers, I don't know. I love flowers and greenery I'm just horrible at identifying it.
I'm also a little sad because I finished that amazing book, How To Murder Your Life. I read that baby in like three days. I'm so sad it's done, and so far it's her only book. I really cannot recommend it enough. Because of my past with various addictions, eating disorders and just making epic bad choices it made me feel less alone, and somehow less ashamed. Reading about someone else making some of the same poor choices as I have was very healing.
I picked up these two books. Marian Keyes and I go back a long way. I discovered her books years ago when I lived in Seattle. At one time I owned all of her books thanks to all the used bookstores and thrift shops. I think I had missed Rachel's Holiday, so I'm happy I found it. Her books are light and cheery and I feel like I need that.
Summer means pasta salad! I made this lemony olive pasta salad the other day. I used gluten free rotini, and the green olives that Trader Joe's sells in the little packets. Also black olives. I made the dressing with lots of lemon juice, dried oregano and a little olive oil. Served with potato wedges because carbs on top of carbs!
Last night I was craving spice and curry, so I made a spicy coconut curry broth that I had with edamame, rice noodles and oven baked tofu. With extra sriracha because I always want more spice. This really hit the spot as noodles almost always do. Plus it was super quick and easy to make.
I know I promised to make pupusas using the stove top method and then sharing the recipe, and I haven't forgotten. I just want to get an avocado and maybe some cabbage so I can serve it in the traditional way. So I will be doing that this weekend or early next week I promise!
Here's a cute little pile of fluff. Kanye's favorite place to be is smack in the middle of Etta and Afro!


  1. I don't know about pudlas - but you're overdue to hit us with the stovetop pupusas! But I'm patient - whenever it happens, I'll be reading.

    1. Duh, I meant pupusas! Thanks for catching that so I could correct it. Getting my P foods confused!! I will definitely be making stove top pupusas either this weekend or early next week!

  2. ANother lovely bowl! Yummers! Happy Friday!

  3. Thanks! Happy Friday to you too!