Sunday, August 21, 2016

So Delicious Mocha Almond Fudge Ice Cream Bars!!!

Yesterday I took somewhat of a mental health day. I didn't need anything, and I didn't need to pound the pavement, so I had a slow, lazy morning, followed by some cleaning, and just kind of doing some of the old things I used to do. I'm working on getting back into the healthy habits I was starting before all this happened. As I had mentioned, for the past month my eating habits were atrocious, and I barely worked out, and was sleeping horribly. I also was sending a lot of hate my way. And I also had a lot of added mental stress in the form of Derek. A lot of life changing stuff happened in a month, and I guess I need to process it all. So, getting back in the routine of living like healthfully is very important. Back to working out, detox baths, positive affirmations, yoga, cardio, the whole shebang. It felt good to take a day to let all of this flow in my mind organically. Everything in my life has been so hectic for this past month, and I had to make huge decisions in little time. Making speedy decisions, or decisions in general is not my strength at all! So, anyway a slow day was just what my imaginary doctor ordered!
One of the things I did was peruse Amazon for cat trees. My cats adored their cat trees, and when I was out with Rachel and Matt, they suggested Amazon for the great prices, and boy were they right! Cat trees that are easy over two hundred dollars at Petco are under one hundred dollars on Amazon! They have some that are like fifty some dollars! Woot! There is a lot of squirrel activity in the trees outside of both bedroom windows, so they will be beyond stoked!
This was yesterday morning, and four of them were crammed on the sill watching a squirrel, and kanye was losing her mind because there wasn't room for her, and she was missing out! Soon Kanye, soon!
I made some curried tofu for dinner. Chiangs, where I had my last meal in Seattle has a delicious curried tofu dish, and I kind of regretted not getting it. So, I did my best to recreate it, and I came pretty close! I just oven baked some tofu, and then stir fried some onion and garlic with curry powder, added one can of light coconut milk, and then added the tofu. Served over rice with sriracha, it was a super satisfying meal!
Cilantro makes it fresher!

Dessert is where things got really special! I finally tried one of the So Delicious Mocha Almond Fudge ice cream bars! What in the H took me so long to try these???
I found these at Sprouts, I never knew this flavor existed! They are amazing. The ice cream inside is super creamy, and it's nice and fudge-y. The chocolate shell is perfect, not too thin, and not too thick. It's rich, but not too sweet. And it's the perfect size for a treat. And the bar only has 120 calories! I have a new favorite ice cream treat! Which is good, because I have yet to see any vegan Ben&Jerry's! I'm sure it's somewhere, but I'm also sure I would get super lost trying to find it!
Kanye had been feeling left out!
I'm not the hugest fan of their vegan mac and cheese, but other than that snafu, So Delicious is always dependable. How delicious would an ice cream bar with their salted caramel cashew ice cream inside be??
If you see these, be your own best friend and try them, they are soooooo worth it!!
Happy Sunday!


  1. I want that ice cream lolly! Good job we don't have these in England or I'd be buying them all the time. Love that picture of all the cats in the window squirrel watching, it really made me laugh.

    1. I already want to buy another box. If they're still on sale, it's meant to be! When I saw all of them crammed in there, it really made my day!

  2. Awww.... poor Kanye! She looks so cute.
    I love So Delicious ice cream! But I agree without about the Mac and Cheese, I was really excited to try it but it was just kind of meh. I have some of the Daiya mac and cheese in my cupboard to try out soon.

    1. She was having a rough day. She kept showing up late to all the action!
      I love So delicious ice cream too.
      The daiya mac and cheese is okay, I like the texture and all of that, it's just that it's sooo much daiya! I did like it the second time I tried it better than the first, so maybe it's an aquired taste?

  3. During stressful times, when you have to prioritise Planning and Doing and you have no choice about it, it is really easy to forget to take care of yourself. It sounds like you have a really great plan to look after yourself again :)

    1. I definitely forgot to take care of myself. In fact, in many ways I was punishing myself. It feels good to be practicing self love again!

  4. Replies
    1. They really are. If they're still on sale at Sprouts, I'm taking it as a sign from the universe to buy more!

  5. That photo of all the cats in the window is just so cute.