Friday, December 4, 2015

Nachos for The Soul

There are some foods that for whatever reason I don't eat very often, and when I do I always wonder why I don't eat them more often. Cereal is one of those foods. I almost never buy it, and eat it maybe three times a year, if that. But each of those times I really enjoy it! Yesterday I made nachos for myself, and a nacho loving non-vegan. It seemed like something I could easily make vegan, and please everyone. I was right. Daiya stepped up for the task, and worked really well with some black beans, and green onion. Served with salsa and homemade guacamole, it was a fun dinner. Having nachos for dinner feels scandalous in a good way. It feels like a meal that your mom would chide you for. At least my mom would have. I was feeling a little down because of recent world events, so comfort food to the rescue!
One of the millions of reasons I love vegan food is that even when you junk out and have nachos for dinner, it's still healthier than a lot of non vegan food, and certainly healthier than it's non vegan counterpart. I'm sure the vegan health police will issue a citation for me for saying that, but I stand by it.
These were devoured my a non vegan, with no fake cheese jokes. I have served vegan food to people who are open to eating it, but they have to crack a million jokes while eating, and while a few jokes are okay, it does get old fast. Especially when they are eating the food and clearly enjoying it.
I'm short on words today, because I just feel sad about what is happening to us as humans.
I hope everyone has a happy Friday, and eats some nachos because they're delicious!


  1. Yeah, I crack vegan jokes all the time, usually to lighten the mood and come off less "stuck up." And I am willing to laugh at jokes about vegan food, if people bring something new to the table. No Meat Athlete talked about how his one uncle does the same joke every year about putting lettuce on a plate and saying that was Matt's dinner. But seriously, every year?! This guy clearly has proven vegan food is more than just salads! I mean, hey, you are eating nachos!

  2. Various loaded nachos are my weakness but at the same time could potentially be healthy at the same depending on what you top those nachos with! These look great!

  3. The thing that bugs me about vegan/vegetarian "jokes" is that they are the same "jokes" I have been hearing since junior high? Dont people realize that yet???

    1. I know! And then they act like you don't have a sense of humor, when it's like please come up with some new jokes that are funny.