Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Kite Hill Nailed It!

Hemp seeds make everything better!
I am the worst at surprises. I like to blab a lab, especially when it's good news! This is part of my haul for tomorrow, but when I tried it today I couldn't wait to spill. This kite hill cream cheese deserves it's own post for sure. My all time favorite sandwich is a toasted bagel(preferably onion) with cream cheese, vegan of course and alfalfa sprouts. Totally boring but since i was little. I actually remember my third grade teacher thought my sandwich was weird because of the sprouts, and she took it and walked around to show all the other teachers. My mom was livid! She went to the school the next day and made a huge scene!
I like all of the vegan cream cheeses that I've tried so far. My favorite before today was trader Joe's which I think is veggie galaxy's? So yesterday I was at Whole Foods and I saw this, and I've heard good things, so I just ha to try it. It's the holidays. They had just plain almond milk cream cheese, and they had chive. I went for the chive flavor because as Vegan in the VI  taught me, green onions and cream cheese go together like peanut butter and jelly. I also chose a package of onion bagels that are made locally. When you're single you can really layer the onions on! As soon as I opened the package and smelled, I was convinced. Much like The FYH blue cheese and ranch, this stuff smelled like cream cheese right away. Like full fat dairy cream cheese. It's very creamy, and didn't have the excess water that other cheeses have. It's heavily studded with chives, you just know it's going to be good. It's very smooth and spreadable, and it didn't melt into the warm bagel the way some do. Some of the other brands almost liquefy which I don't like. This stayed thick and creamy. Taste wise this stuff is hands down the best cream cheese vegan or not that I've ever had. It has that tang of cream cheese, and you can really taste the chive flavor. I tasted some just on a spoon from the tub, and it was amazing. I could just eat it like that! I'm really impressed. I will never be able to eat any other brand. This was about one dollar more than daiya, and like three or four dollars more than Trader Joe's, so it is a splurge, but it is one hundred percent worth it.
If you celebrate any of the holidays, ask for this for a present, and give this to someone as a present!


  1. I want to try this but I am afraid my husband would like it better than the tofutti cream cheese and all our money will be gone XD

    1. I know! In some ways I wish I wouldn't have tried it, because I can't go back to the other brands, and so this is going to have to be a once in a blue moon splurge. While I was toasting my bagel yesterday, I was eating some of it with a spoon it's that good!