Saturday, September 5, 2015

Best Sandwich Ever!

Today's Mofo prompt was a no- brainer for me. The Best Sandwich Ever. I love sandwiches, and have many favorites, and hope to discover many more. But the absolute Best Sandwich Ever is the tofu Banh Mi. I still remember the first time I ate one of these. It was a typical rainy day in Seattle, I was over the rain, my job, my struggles, life, just one of those days. I went to a little Vietnamese cafe near my apartment, and decided to try something new. It was love at first bite. It was a combination of flavors and textures that just pulled me out of my fog, and I was instantly obsessed. The bread is slightly crunchy, then you have the zip of the pickled veggies, the freshness of the cilantro, the heartiness of perfectly cooked tofu, and the schmear of creamy vegan mayo brings everything together. For weeks after eating this sandwich it was all I could talk about. The fact that this beautiful sandwich was also under five dollars just sealed the deal on perfect. I've experimented with all different types of breads and vegetables when recreating these sandwiches at home. Last night, I closed my eyes and remembered that very first one, and tried to recreate it as exact as I can remember.
My dream sandwich
I sliced and baked a block of tofu, using just a little coconut oil, and some S&P. While my tofu was baking, I pickled some red onion, cucumber and shredded carrots in a mixture of rice wine vinegar, a little sugar, and S&P. Once the tofu was perfectly baked, I put my baguette in the oven for a few minutes to get toasted, and then I made a sandwich! I put a layer of Just Mayo on the top and bottom, and then I put a healthy amount of cilantro and pickled vegetables with the tofu and a healthy drizzle of sriracha. It definitely took me back to that day. Never say never, but I really can't imagine ever coming across a better sandwich. As an added bonus, it is very quick to make, and there is hardly any clean-up!
I'm looking forward to reading about everyone's favorite vegan sandwiches. I'm always looking for new combinations to put in bread!


  1. I've seen a lot of love for banh mi this weekend, and rightly so! I don't think I've ever baked tofu in coconut oil, I like the sound of it.

  2. It is sooooo good. It's my absolute favorite way to cook tofu. Coconut oil, salt and pepper. So simple, but it just tastes so good, it's hard not to eat it all straight out of the oven!

  3. Oh! That sandwich DOES look like a WINNER that is for sure! Nice Job!

  4. Thanks! I'm craving another one right now!