Friday, September 11, 2015

Behold, The Mighty...

Today's Mofo prompt is Focus on a nutrient. So much easier than something blue! In sticking with cooking what I have, I decided to focus on Lycopene, found in my late summer friend, the tomato!
Lycopene is what makes tomatoes red. It is also found in watermelon, guava, red grapefruit, papaya, carrots, and red cabbage. There are studies that show Lycopene can help prevent heart disease, and some cancers. According to the Mayo Clinic, Lycopene is very beneficial to those people with asthma. Lycopene also becomes more powerful when cooked.
Years ago I read an article online about tomatoes and skin aging. The article followed a woman who had some sun damage, and she ate a tablespoon of
straight up tomato paste on a cracker every day for some time, and sure enough the before and after pictures were pretty amazing. It really did repair some of the damage.
When I was little I HATED tomatoes! I didn't mind tomato sauce, but I really never liked ketchup that much. I've grown to love tomatoes, although I  can only eat fresh tomatoes in season. A mealy winter tomato is enough to make me gag. Ketchup is still my least favorite condiment though!
I had some crusty bread, and a box of  Qrunch Burgers in my freezer, so I decided on a "Parmesan" sub, or hoagie. I had the spicy Italian flavor burger, so it all just made sense.
So much tastier than botox!!
I made a super quick marinara, and I even used my own fresh basil and oregano! I used the last of my Chao as the cheese, and the rest is hoagie history!
I did take a picture of the sandwich, which I served with a delicious salad, but every single picture was worse than the one before. The sandwich was delicious, and I don't want to discourage anyone from trying these burgers.
I think today's prompt to focus on a nutrient is such a great one to remind all of us that food really is medicine. I know a lot of people eye roll when you say that, but I guess the truth gets a lot of eye rolls sometimes.
"We both totally fit in here"!
I'm having fun snapping pictures of my unsuspecting, silly, and lazy kitties. This is Kanye and Chunk. Chunk(in the back) was there first, and Kanye likes to try to annoy him out of his spot. When it doesn't work, she just crams herself in the space. As you can see, there is a free space inches away from Chunk, but what's the fun when you can't bug?


  1. I am sorry the Sandwich pics didnt turn out. Sounds like my kind if meal.

    The maker of that cat tree should send you a commission. It is great advertisement.

  2. I'm sorry too. I mean, none of my pictures are the greatest, but these were just really bad even for me! But it was soo delicious! I might send some pictures to the cat tree company!

  3. I love tomato anything and everything- and that includes a hefty dose of ketchup in my life, so it's good to know it will all just make me look younger :))
    Sounds like a great sandwich! Some of the most messy piles of sandwich are the best. Those trader joe's meatless balls are great in a saucy sandwich too

  4. Gardein also has vegan meatballs I need to try. I love a good vegan meatball hoagie that you have to eat with a fork about halfway through!