Sunday, February 12, 2017


Melissa McCarthy killed it again as Sean Spicer. I never would have pictured her as Sean Spicer, and now I can't imagine anyone else playing him. Saturday Night Live is really killing it lately, and I feel like we so need it.
This couch was given to me used, and the previous owner's cats had started the shredding, but it has been Afro/Brutus's mission in life to finish the job. Well, early this morning mission was accomplished! She's just so proud of herself!!

I made a really tasty brown rice and green lentil salad with kale, parsley and red onion. I made a lemon mustard vinaigrette and had some for breakfast in Romaine cups. I love rice and bean salads because they're good warm, room temperature or cold. And they always taste better the next day.
This popcorn is one of my new favorite snacks! It has the perfect amount of seasoning, and it isn't too greasy. It's also a lot cheaper than many other bagged, flavored popcorn. Trader Joe's really is the best!
I was craving curry, so I whipped up a quick garbanzo bean and potato curry and had it over Jasmine rice. So warming and filling. Not to mention so cheap! Beans and potatoes and rice are really a person on a budgets best friend. All it takes is a decent spice collection and some imagination and you won't get bored. Beans beans the magical fruit!
Happy Sunday!


  1. I saw the new SNL clip this morning & loved it! Oh my, Afro looks so pleased that she has finally succeeded in her mission! Your curry sounds great! :)

  2. Yum! Delicious meals as always. I am seriously loving all of your tips, especially when they make really inexpensive but filling meals. Definitely great ideas and they all look amazing!