Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Anything They Can Eat We Can Eat Vegan!

I was watching Hot for Food last week, and they had a fast food challenge that featured vegan style animal fries, and a vegan chicken chalupa thingy sold at Taco Bell. I've never had animal style fries vegan or non vegan, but as soon as I saw Lauren make them I knew I needed to try. She used a cheese sauce made out of daiya and almond milk which I imagine is AHMAZING, but I decided to use my potato carrot cheese sauce because that's what I had! I just used Trader Joe's handsome cut fries, and I made a spicy tarter sauce with chipotle Just Mayo, a little pickle juice and some pickled jalapeno. I also caramelized about 3/4 of a sweet onion. In my opinion the caramelized onion is what really made this dish outstanding. This was definitely delicious, and really fun to make and eat. And since the cheese sauce was made out of veggies, I didn't feel too guilty having this as dinner.
I made a cheese-y potato chowder for breakfast today with the leftover cheese sauce. This was thick and cheese-y and very filling. Today is super windy and blustery so it was the perfect breakfast!
Here we have Joan, who was minding her own business and being Miss Independent, and Kanye crams herself in there for the cuddle! Luckily for Kanye Joan didn't seem to mind too much!

I thought the sky looked so pretty the other day. Dreamy and springlike. That building is where the Utah Jazz plays, and also various concerts are held there.
Happy Tuesday!

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  1. Beautiful picture of the sky! It looks like you've been having some nice days there. Those animal style fries look insane! Caramelized onions make life better. I need to try that cheese sauce sooner rather than later. It looks incredible! I think I see mac n cheese in my future :)