Sunday, June 19, 2016

Sunday Stuff

So, yesterday for lunch I had a nice big bowl of strawberries. I decided to attempt to be like the Intagramers I see who very prettily add passion fruit to their fruit salads, oatmeal, banana soft serve, whatever. Well, I learned that I know very little about exotic fruits, because this was definitely not a passion fruit! I think it was a cactus pear?
I think I tried one of these in Erie that I got at Wegmens, but I can't remember. Anyway, this has a crisp, almost melon like texture, but a little firmer. It doesn't have the most taste in the world, but it was very refreshing. I feel like this would be a good fruit to take hiking or something, it feels very hydrating. And that deep red color tells you how healthy it is. I would buy these again at Lenny's prices, not grocery prices. What's up with a lot of unusual or really beautiful fruit not having a ton of flavor? Like the dragon fruit? And speaking of fruit, has anyone else noticed that strawberries have been exceptionally delicious this year? I feel like last year a lot of strawberries I bought left a lot to be desired, but this year I can't get over how delicious every berry I've had had been! I seriously can't get enough. I ate a whole one pound container for lunch yesterday, and wished I had more!
For dinner I made carrot hot dogs again. This batch was even better because I let them marinate for about five or six hours. I added sauerkraut and banana peppers along with some sriracha mustard and it was delicious! The marinade really soaked in, and man it felt like a junk food meal, but it was carrots! I served mine with some jumbo crinkle cut fries, cause I don't know if you've noticed, but I like my fries on the thicker side. Man, I forgot how much I LOVE sauerkraut!

I should have taken a picture before I put the top bun on. I tried to take it off for the picture, but everything had gotten all mashed together and gloopy. I really need to take some photography lessons, I feel like I have the visions in my head for beautiful pictures, but my execution leaves a lot to be desired. I'm hoping I can find a free class at the library or something. Anyway, all those flavors went really well together.
Well, wish me luck, I am braving it today and going thrifting for some new duds. I only have one pair of jeans at the moment, and although we had a cool streak, it looks like it's going to warm up again, so I need to get a pair of shorts, or preferably a skirt. It's Father's day, so I'm hoping not a ton of people will be thrifting? By the way, if any dads read this, have a wonderful day with your kids, whether human or fur. I had a good workout this morning, and I'm feeling pretty good, so why not tear myself down and try on clothes? (Ha ha)(but seriously) This is where having a super good friend who tells you the truth, and helps you would come in handy. I see other women who have a body type like mine who always have the most flattering clothes on, and I feel like I don't choose, or can't find clothes for my body.
I'll leave you with more cuteness. I caught Kanye forcing her way on Chunks part of the cat tree. He wasn't thrilled, but I think he was too tired to fight about it.
As you can see in the corner, there is a free part of the tree below, but Kanye loves to cuddle! As my grandpa would say, she's a little stinker!
Happy Sunday!


  1. It's always fun to try new fruits! I always see the most beautiful tropical fruits in YouTube videos and I get so jealous and want to try everything! I prefer thicker fries too, I love actually tasting the potato.

    Hooray for kitties!

    1. I know, some of those girls on YouTube make the most gorgeous oatmeal and smoothie bowls ever! They actually look like works of art! But sadly, a lot of the super exotic stuff is soooo expensive.
      I love tasting the potato too!

  2. I'm craving GOOD fruit but it's so expensive and pissing me off lately! I buy it and it's not great LOL I'm left wanting. I traveled to Wegmans today and the only thing that looked good was mango which was hella pricey, heirloom tomatoes which weighed about 3 pounds each and priced at $3.99 per pound, and a green eggplant that I have never seen before but super HUGE and expensive, too!


    AH well! One of these days! Your juicy fruit sounds lovely! YUM!

  3. Crinkle Cut Fries are so are Curly...Straight...Wedge....Waffle...

    I always wrestle with the 'top bun or not' issue with my pics as well.