Saturday, May 7, 2016

Another Caturday Night

I was in a bit of a funk yesterday, so I didn't go on a produce run like I had intended. So, now I have to deal with Trader Joe's on a Saturday. I guess you could say I really funked myself! Sorry, sometimes I can't resist. Sometimes I feel like I have a little Rachael Ray in me.
I'm in a little bit of a funk because tomorrow's holiday is a mixed bag of emotions for me, as I'm sure it is for a lot of people who might have somewhat complicated families. Anyway, I have some adorable cat pictures because it seems like when I am a little blue, everybody goes into overdrive to be super cute, and make me smile.
Scrappy likes to drink from the faucet. She wishes I would just leave it on all the time. She's also very demanding. She will sit on the sink, and if I don't know she is in there, she will start meowing very loudly. When I come into the bathroom, she looks at me like "well, I've been waiting."
This is how I found Chunk and Kanye napping yesterday. I mean, how can that not cheer you up just a little? Kanye could teach a master course in how to get the most cuddles!
No selfie stick required!
Etta does this thing where if you pet her, and go to walk away, and she isn't done, she stands on her back legs and swipes at your hand to pull it back to her. She uses her claws too, she is serious about her pets!
Now that I've expressed my crazy cat lady side, I can show some pantry meals I've had the last couple of days.
Thursday night I whipped up a quick peanut sauce, poured it over some udon noodles and let it chill for a bit. When I was ready to eat I served it with some veggies and baked tofu. I love peanut noodles and also sesame noodles so much, and it's one of those dishes that is super easy to make. And it feels fancy with little effort.
I made chickpea pancakes yesterday for breakfast, served with some avocado and of course hot sauce. I was going to try to make an omelette with the batter, but I have always been the worst at making omelettes. I just don't have the talent for the flip!
I forget where I first read about Pudlas, or chickpea pancakes, but I'm so glad I did. Chickpea flour is a pretty decent price, and these babies are quick to make and filling. You can add all kinds of veggies too. These just had green onion and cilantro because that's what I had on hand!
Mac and Cheese is so hard to make look pretty!
Last night I got super pantry and made a cashew "cheese" sauce, poured it over two shapes of pasta from two of the MANY bags of opened pasta I have in my cupboard. I then stirred in one small can of Heinz vegetarian (vegan) baked beans, added a bout two tablespoons of tofutti sour cream just to make it extra creamy, and also use the tofutti up, and finally a handful of daiya cheddar shreds. I baked it in the oven for a few, and dinner was served. I was thinking that if you made this and stirred in some sliced smart dogs it would be a really good dish for some kind of summer picnic, or holiday. It was pretty tasty for a meal made up of almost all scraps and odds and ends!
I hope everyone has a happy Caturday!


  1. Preach on the whole complicated family thing. We don't get to pick our family but we do get to pick our fur family, so being a "mom", hope you have a great day tomorrow :)

    1. Thanks! I do have a "furry" family!

  2. Gorgeous kitties and grub! You are a wonderful Mother!