Wednesday, November 26, 2014

We Need a Think Tank

I'm still feeling very saddened by yesterday's news of the lack of justice that was served in Ferguson. I watched some footage from Democracy Now, who are stationed in Ferguson, and are really telling the true story of what's going on, as opposed to the sensationalized, one sided, and in some cases(Fox News) very racist versions. It's a lot of hurt, and broken spirits and people. Obviously there is anger too, but I mostly noticed the pain and hurt. Living in such a racist town, I truly mean this, evil is winning. I first noticed it with the George Zimmerman trial, I almost died when all of my co-workers were talking about the trial, and defending George Zimmerman. I seriously almost shit, and then I realized how deep and evil racism was. I don't like hunters, however if someone shot an unarmed hunter for no logical reason, I would not defend that person, nor would I celebrate if his/her murderer was not held accountable. So now, we have George Zimmerman take two, only this time disguised as a cop, and once again, no justice. These smug, racist people are fucking WINNING.
I saw a very moving speech Killer Mike gave at the end of one of his shows last night, and he was crying and speaking of his twenty and twelve year old sons, and how he is terrified for them and their safety, all because of the color of their skin. What kind of fucking world is this where skin color has ever mattered, let alone in 2014, almost 15. We can all think we have come so far, with all of our rules, and laws, and progress, not to mention, how smart are we because smartphones, interwebz, and SELFIES, but how smart are we? Because these racist people are hving children, and raising them in the same manner. And another scary thing about racism that I've learned is that there is the obvious, overt in your face racism, and then there is the sweet, little church lady racism. These are the people who the thought of using the n word makes them clutch their pearls, but at the same time they like their world to be a very light world, and anything darker or "different" can just stay over there. They agree with racism, they just prefer a kinder, fuzzier version. And another thing I have noticed is how many people who gleefully spew hatred towards really anyone who isn't white, consider themselves to be Christian, and have the audacity to judge others, and truly believe that they hold the moral high ground. This city I live in has more churches, bars, and racists than I have ever seen anywhere, and I was raised in Ohio, and lived in several smaller cities in my day!
The answer is obviously a shift in thinking, because we can make racism as politically incorrect as we want, and we can publically shame celebrities who get busted, but in the end it doesn't matter, because people still think white skin is better, and until that type of thinking stops, this is our world we have not only created, but we allow to keep flourishing.

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