Sunday, November 2, 2014

It's so Convenient to be a Vegan!!

On my last trip to the Co-op, I saw that they had Dr. Preager's  veggie burgers on sale. And although I did need more veggie burgers, I couldn't  remember if I liked these burgers or not, but the only other vegan veggie burger they have is Hilary's eat well, and while Hilary's are okay, they are a little grainy for my taste, and I  very much balk at the price of Hilary's, especially when you only get two burgers. So I chose Dr. Praeger's California burger. I needed a quick lunch the other day before work, and it seemed like a good day to give these a try. These truly are VEGGIE burgers meaning they are full of veggies that you can clearly see, and they have a slight green veg hue to them. There are no weird ingredients, only various veggies, arrowroot, and a few seasonings. One thing I  have to truly commend this company for is that they wrap each burger individually. When veggie burgers are packaged all as one in the box, when I open the box, and only use one, I feel pressure to use up the rest because they are kind of exposed to the freezer air, and I  don't like that flavor at all. So, right away I was a fan. I baked mine in the oven, which according to the box is the preferred method. I served mine on whole wheat bread with a schmear  of just mayo, and some sliced banana peppers and pickles. (bare bones fridge=bare bones burger.) The burger is definitely a soft veggie burger. It didn't really get any kind of crispy outside, although I might try cooking one on top off the stove in a little oil, maybe that would help? Tate wise it tastes kind of like hoe it looks, meaning very veg heavy. I don't mind that. I liked having something quick and convenient, that I didn't feel kind of guilty afterwards for eating. According to their website, they have tons of different flavors, including a Bombay curry veggie burger that sounds delicious. My Co-op only had the California style, the only other flavor that I've seen in any other store is the Tex-Mex flavor, so I don't know where you can find all of these other flavors. I don't know if these burgers would hold up on a grill, they are so soft, but other than that, I recommend these burgers if you like healthy tasting, veg heavy burgers with no weird lab made ingredients.
On a different vegan convenience food note, I just read somewhere that Target now has it's own line of Gardein style faux meats! The line is called simply balanced, and as of now they have four different flavors, Teriyaki meatless chicken, mushroom miso meatless turkey, Korean bbq meatless chicken, and smoky chipotle meatless chicken! That's great news because it will be cheaper than Gardein, and it shows once again that vegan products are clearly in demand! Check and mate!!

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