Thursday, November 27, 2014


To everyone who observes Thanksgiving, I hope you have a wonderful, warm day filled with love. The world needs all the love it can get right now. I myself don't really observe Thanksgiving for various reasons, but I plan on having a productive day, and definitely taking time out to be thankful for what I have, including, all of my sleeping kitties. I'm also thankful for everyone, who for whatever reason is abstaining from turkey this year. I can't even stand hearing people talk about Thanksgiving to be honest. While people eat meat at Christmas as well, at least for the most part people are talking about what gifts they give/receive, where as Thanksgiving, I hear very little talk of thanks, and instead it focuses on food, and then food. 'Merica.
I'm in a very dark place, as I truly feel what happened in Ferguson to be a very dark mark on this country. I feel like all hope for any good has been zapped. I find it hard to even understand that in 2014 almost 15 that this happened, and I can hardly stand that I live in a world where parents fear for their sons simply because of skin color. As I even type this it feels ridiculous, and what happened with the lack of indictment feels like a movie. I'm waiting for George Clooney, Or Matthew Mcconaughey, (as lawyers) to come and make the indictment happen, but also stick around to make sure Darren Wilson goes to prison for a LONG time. But, alas that is not going to happen, and quite frankly in a month this will barely be spoken about. Until the next time. It just feels like we are barbarians, and I have no other way to think of hateful people.
I'm sorry to anyone who reads this that I've been such a downer, but I don't see any other way to feel about this news, and living in such a racist community, I unfortunately can't tell myself Ferguson is an isolated thing, that happens only in very small out of the way towns. I also do not know one single person who I can talk to about how I feel, and what can be done etc. I think the professionals call this processing, anyway unfortunately I only know people who are more on the Darren Wilson side of things, so I guess I'm processing by blogging.
Have a wonderful, loving day, and spread the love, it is so needed.

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