Monday, November 10, 2014

Fluffy is GOOD!

For at least the past five years, I have struggled with making edible brown rice, and I was extremely close to giving up on it, and accepting that I could only eat brown rice when someone else cooked it. I have tried every trick I have ever heard or read about, and I think I had success maybe once or twice out of what feels like hundreds of attempts. It seems to always turn out too mushy, or too al dente, or scorched to the bottom of the pan. I also really struggle with quinoa, and have stopped trying, because quinoa is a little too pricey for me to keep failing. Anyway, yesterday I decided I was in the mood to try one more time to achieve perfect, fluffy brown rice. And I told myself if I failed again, that was it. The rest of the brown rice in my pantry would be used for soups and casseroles only. So, when I googled perfect, fluffy brown rice, the first page was different variations on a new to me way of cooking the rice. They all were suggesting boiling the rice in a larger than usual amount of water, and then draining the rice like pasta, then putting the rice back in the hot pan, off the heat, with a lid on and letting it steam for ten minutes. I was so doubtful, it just didn't make sense to boil rice like water! I almost didn't try this method, but then I realized, why not try it, cooking brown rice the traditional way is not working for me. So, I brought 6 cups of water to a boil, added one cup of brown rice, a little salt, and I boiled it for thirty minutes, drained the rice, returned it to the pot, covered, and let it steam for ten minutes. And then, I had the elusive to me perfectly cooked, fluffy brown rice. Every grain was separate and perfectly cooked. Even as I'm typing this I am seriously shocked, and I definitely will be trying this method with quinoa. I feel like a whole new food window has opened up in my life, as I have had so many epic failures with brown rice and other grains. If you have any of these struggles, I promise try this method you will be amazed and so happy to be able to enjoy brown rice!

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