Saturday, July 23, 2016

The Name on Everyone's Lips.. Roxie!

Hiding out in the kitchen cupboard.

That face!
Today I want to introduce everyone to Roxie. When she was first born, I had named her socks because her two front paws are white. But then I realized mittens would be more appropriate, and she was no mittens. So, I figured Roxie was close enough to Socks as not to confuse her. She is a Roxie. She is a showgirl, and she is so freaking charming and sweet, but she has a dark side. Truth be told, Roxie melted my heart from day one, and she's not above capitalizing on that soft spot. She somehow thinks things that would get someone else in trouble are fine if she's the one. She is grey, but she has brownish beige spots on her side, and white on her chest. She has the softest kitty belly ever. I want to hide from the world in her belly.
She loves bread. She jumps on the counter if I am dealing with any type of bread product, and just licks away. That's all she wants. I've offered her pieces of bread, and she looks at me like I'm insane.
She also is a little bit of a pill in that she likes to poop in my bathtub. Not all the time, just sometimes. One time I was getting ready, and all of a sudden a stench took over, and she just nonchalantly came out from the tub and sashayed out of the bathroom. When I said "Roxy, what did you do?" she looked at me like "I'm Roxy, remember? She had a valid point. I figured at least she found a place that was easy to clean.
She has the most beautiful green eyes that really stand out against her fur. She has the cutest little meow. It's halfway between a cat meow, and a kitten meow. She can be a real diva when it comes to attention. She will jump on a counter, and hook my skin with her paw and guide me to her. She isn't afraid to ask for what she wants.
She's the kind of friend who you can get into adventures with. She would always be the one to think of something fun and adventurous. She's who you call when you need a laugh. She's also the friend who would tell you the truth about a haircut or outfit.
She was the first of the litter to come to me, and let me pet her. She and Afro. They were the first to approach the big old giant who was cooing at them. She was the first kitten to climb the couch and lay on my belly.
Roxie's nicknames are Rudy Roo, and of course Roo Roo. She loves to hear her name. She'll give all kinds of belly shots, and sometimes I swear she's fluttering her eyes.
If she were a human, she would have thrived in the Marilyn Monroe days. I could totally see her being all coy, innocent and yet sexy, and loving it.
I felt like she knew when Dylan was close to the end. I feel like she could smell it on him, because she would smell him a lot in the last month or so, and she had a look on her face. Like concern, and respect for the elders or something. And she was the most loving and understanding towards me for that first horrible week after Dylan passed. Like she knew everything.
I'm sure everyone reading this already knows, but just in case, here is my GoFundMe page. I am getting closer everyday. Next week I'm going to start scoping out apartments, I have to start early because I have to find the least seedy of the seedy places. A place that is willing to rent to someone who has been evicted. I have horror stories of apartments I've had to live in. Like seriously stories that would make you gag. But, I'm sure with a little planning, and hard searching I can find a place that is at least clean.
As always, My heart is so warmed by the kindness and support.


  1. Roxie looks so incredibly soft & fluffy! :) That's so random that she likes to lick bread, haha! Best of luck with the apartment search!

    1. She is so soft! She's always reminded me of a fluffy weeble wobble. She loves to lick bread and crackers. She must be a secret gluten lover!

  2. Sending you love and luck - sorry I haven't been on top of the blogs these days. I'm in a bit of an apartment bind myself right now and I know the distress. I'll share the GoFundme page too.

    1. Thank you so much! I really appreciate it, and I hope you find a solution too! It's so stressful!

  3. I have just found your blog through Vegan Crunk and I just wanted to show some support. I have also been through a rough time in the last few years and at one point thought I was going to lose my job which would have meant losing my home and my cats. I wish you all the luck in the world, and I will check out the fund page although I am not sure how it will work with me being in the UK. I will also follow your blog and keep my fingers crossed for good news soon.

    1. Thank you so much for your comment. And thank you for relating, it makes me feel less alone.
      This is definitely one of the hardest things I've ever had to go through. I hope one day very soon I will be blogging about my new apartment, and having my cats back home!