Thursday, July 28, 2016

Bland Fries and Life Updates

This picture looks so weird
I've noticed these veggie fries at Fred Meyer before, but never tried them. They're like double the cost of regular frozen fries, with half the amount in the bag. Kind of like gluten free pasta! They have several varieties, one has broccoli and maybe zucchini. I decided to pick up a bag after work for something quick for dinner, and somewhat healthy. I still don't have a desire to cook, so for now it's the healthiest of the processed.  I don't know how they made them, it seemed to be mostly a potato fry, with some flecks of red pepper, and there was a coating on the fries which I thought might be garbanzo flour? They were okay.
I dipped them in a combo of Just Mayo chipotle, and this sauce I found on sale. I think it's from Germany, and it's like a different version of A1, Hp, or any sauce like that. It has a touch of curry, and it's pretty tasty. I took a picture with my phone, and if you can believe it, it's been so long since I've used a picture from my phone, I can't remember how to Email it to myself. I'm near tears so I'm going to stop before I smash my phone. I will figure it out later, and show you tomorrow.
The fries are pretty bland, and I wasn't a huge fan of the texture.  But, they were somewhat healthy, filled me up, and the sauces made all the difference.
I have several numbers for apartments that I'm going to start calling today. Like I know from past experience, when you have bad rental credit, and you don't make tons of money, it can be a looooong process. I always envy people who can go out, find a place they like, and just know that they will get it. I've even been turned down from apartments for being single, no joke. Well, I guess I shouldn't say turned down, but the landlord chose a couple over me, and told me they were a better choice, because of two incomes. Better chance of not losing everything if one loses their job. I mean, I swear I've heard it all. I found one place in particular that is the perfect amount of sleaze, that I think I have a chance. You know, it's unsavory, but not too much so. And the unit has at least one huge window for the meowzers. If I go and look, I will take pictures. I have to make sure they allow fur friends of course.
I will be back tomorrow to talk about Chunk. I just woke up with the sads today, and I can't scroll through my cat pictures. I have to go to work soon, and can't get cry eyes. I can be a dweller when it comes to certain things, and I find that to keep pushing myself, I have to strongly resist that urge.
I'm almost to my goal on my GoFundMe page, and I have started the hunt for an apartment, and I think I nailed a second job. It's at a 24 diner (yikes) and the extra cash will really help. And hey, they have a vegan meatloaf!


  1. Heh, I've seen those fries and wondered. Seemed almost too good to be true. Thank you for taking one for the "team" so to speak, although food disappointment is like the last thing you need added to your life right now. Sauce saves the day once again! Congrats on the job (yay vegan meatloaf)!! It sounds like things are moving along well and I am so happy for you :)

  2. Sauce to the rescue! Fingers crossed for the apartments search and the second job. I'm curious do apartments come furnished or is furniture provided. Over here they tend to be unfurnished. I sent you an email the other day but not sure if you've got it? Wondering if they are going in your spam folder. My email address starts with cava_. Thinking of you and sending good wishes x

  3. LOVE the packaging of those fries :)