Friday, February 5, 2016


I can't believe the Super Bowl is this Sunday! I was going to make some finger food type recipes, but i thought the super Bowl was later in February. I guess that's what happens when you have no interest in sports. I've never even been to a super bowl party to be honest, so I was just going to guess on the food anyway! Ha! I just always assume it's a lot of salty, crunchy, greasy things to go along with the Bud light everyone is drinking. I have worked my share of super bowl and other sports things at bars. It's very scary to be carrying a tray full of drinks or food through a ranting crowd that can explode at any moment.I always felt like someone was going to get punched all the time. I used to soooo dread those days at work!
I made it to Uwajimaya yesterday, finally! It's so close to Safeco field. Probably the closest I'll ever be to that stadium! As we were driving towards downtown, I just drank in the view. I will never not be awestruck by the view of the city as you're coming towards it. I missed it so much when I lived in PA. I'm so grateful to be living somewhere where I can breathe, and feel comfortable in my own skin.
Anyway, on to shopping fun! I wasn't as blown away by the market as I thought, but it was still really cool, and I saw some thangs.
This is most of my haul. I found young jackfruit in a can, not in syrup! I cannot express how beyond stoked I am! I bought three cans! Each can was only $1.39!!! Take that Upton's! They also had my favorite mango in the world, the Ataulfo or champagne mango. I haven't seen one of these since last winter or spring. I had to get some veggie dumplings of course! One thing that was disappointing was the lack of veggie dumplings or spring rolls. They had lots of veggie options, just all with added meats. I also didn't see any fresh tofu.
I've never heard of a sweet lime, but it looks like a lemon. I bought one, maybe I'll use it tomorrow for my lemon water!
So many kumquats!
Very pretty bok choy. It's so vibrant!
I never knew Thai eggplant were so little and green!

This melon totally had fuzz all over it. It actually looked like nettles!
I also got this inari sushi as a treat. It is the best inari I've had. The rice tucked inside is seasoned, and if you put a few slivers of the pickled carrot on each bite, it's heaven. The inari sushi I've had in the past has been just plain white rice tucked inside. The seasoning makes a big difference.
I made tacos for dinner last night with some Beyond Beef crumbles I had lounging around in my freezer.
Yesterday was a fun day, with some cool sights and some really good food.
Happy Friday!


  1. I know what you mean about that feeling like anyone can explode while watching a football game - I can't stand watching football for that reason! My nerves can't take the quiet interrupted by screams- what's fun about that?! (Although I did laugh about your comment about someone getting punched ;)

    1. I would much rather be in a library than any type of sporting event. It's very nerve racking. And I agree, when it goes from quiet to yelling, no fun.

  2. hi vegan peace, i saw your comment on life in a box and then saw this article and it looked like a dog gone match haha, hope you like it

    1. Ha, love the pun. I just read the article, it's very inspiring. I hope to have half the success one day! Thanks for the link!

  3. Man this post makes me want to go to the Asian food market near me, and maybe try going to a different one (I usually go to HMart, which is specifically Korean foods) I know there is a market in Philadelphia that has vegan squid.... I need to try that one day.

    1. I know, I want to go back when I have more time to explore. I'm sure they have some super cool mock meats. I went with a friend who drove, and parking was like ten dollars for one hour, so next time I will bus it and really linger.