Thursday, February 4, 2016

Tempeh and Cats!

This was a really tasty tempeh mushroom stir fry I whipped up last night with the odds and ends of things. Before I started the potato cleanse, I saw this package of tempeh on the Woo Hoo sale at QFC. It was way under two dollars, but needed to be used soon hence the Woo Hoo. I am not tempeh's biggest fan, I much prefer tofu, but I try to eat it every once in awhile, usually when I find a sale! What really helps me enjoy it a little more is steaming it before using it. I steam it for fifteen to twenty minutes and it helps with the classic tempeh bitterness. I had a tiny bit of hoisin sauce, and a tiny bit of soy sauce, so in the hoisin sauce jar I made a little stir fry sauce with some added soy sauce, coconut sugar, rice vinegar and sriracha. Salty, sweet and spicy. It was almost like the General Tso's cauliflower sauce that I love so much. I sauteed some onion and garlic, added the mushrooms and tempeh, and after everything was nice and cooked I stirred in the sauce. Served over rice, with some shredded lettuce for crunch, and extra sriracha it was a hit. I love making sauces in the jar when you have just a bit of something left. It's a good way to stretch whatever it is, and get your money's worth. Plus, you don't have to dirty another bowl to make your sauce. Believe it or not, I think Rachael Ray taught me that years and years ago!
I'm super excited because today I'm going to this huge Asian market in the international district called Uwajimaya. From what I understand you can find some really hard to find fruits and vegetables, and just all kinds of things I probably don't even know exist! I'm hoping to find some young jackfruit in a can so I can fiddle around with some recipes. I loved the Upton's BBQ jackfruit that I tried, but it is a bit high priced, and I feel confident it can be made for so much cheaper. I also hope to find some really fresh homemade tofu. I've never had fresh tofu made locally and possibly even that day. From what I've heard it makes a big difference. It's winter, and I'm kind of over seeing the same fruits and vegetables at the store, so I'm hoping to see all kinds of new things and get really inspired! I plan on taking pictures, but I also am very self conscience about taking pictures in public, so I will have to scope out the vibe when I get there. I am going with a friend who doesn't share my insecurity, so either way I hope to have lots of cool stuff to show you!
I truly have never known yarn to be so kick ass and interesting! They all get involved with the yarn, and each time one pulls, it moves and everyone else has to get it. It's what I've started doing so I can workout in peace. Otherwise they like to love on me, and let me know how cute they are right when I'm working out. So, the yarn keeps them entertained for at least half of my workout! Cat lady problems!
Happy Thursday!


  1. So far behind on blog posts, did you find the jackfruit? I think I remember seeing you post something on Instagram.

    My husband isn't into tempeh either, but I LOVE that bitter flavor. I found he really like it in a coconut curry or when you cover it in a BBQ like sauce and bake it.

    1. I did find jackfruit at an Asian market. I love it so much! I usually can only stand tempeh in sauce like you said, although I've never tried it in a curry! Or I can also stand it in a salad, like a mock tuna salad.

    2. Have your tried the spicy tuna rolls from Veganomicon? I LOVE that.

    3. No, but I will look into that when I leave the island!

  2. I think I need to have some Tempeh soon :) Thanks for the reminder!