Monday, December 15, 2014

You Don't Have to be Rich to Rule my World

I forgot a few more ways I've learned to have some princely things on a paupers budget. I fell in love with Kombucha many years ago, but it was a love/hate relationship due to the price. So, after many years of being scared to make my own, I finally braved it, and let me tell you it is so easy I can't believe it. Now I can have buch every day, where when I was buying it I could have one, or two if I was super flush a week. When you make your own you can flavor it any way you want. I can brew a gallon of kombucha for less than one bottle you buy already made. And it takes so little time, I can't believe I waited so long to become a buch brewer!
Now that winter is almost here, I have been drinking a lot more citrus juices, as oranges and grapefruits are starting to fill the produce aisles, at some amazing prices. Two weeks ago I got a bag of Texas red grapefruit for $.99! Oh, and it was eight pounds!! It made the best juice ever! Friday I got ten navel oranges for two dollars, so those combined with the cheap organic carrots I always have in my fridge will make some delicious, inexpensive juice this week. And of course as I've mentioned before, you can make fresh juice in a blender with a little water, your fruits and veg, and strain it with cheesecloth, or a mesh/wire strainer. I have an Oster blender by the way, so you don't even need a super blender. I used to drool over images of green juice, and lament the fact that I couldn't afford a juicer, and I also remember a hundred years ago when I had a Jack Lalane juicer, it was a real pain in the arse to clean. So thank you to whoever I picked up the blender trick from. It's made me a lot less resentful. (haha)
Since I am no longer buying shampoo, conditioner, and lotions on a regular basis, it freed up a little wiggle room, which means that I can have splurges every now and then, like vegan ice cream, or whatever treat I'm craving. Sometimes I splurge on veggie burgers, as I struggle with home made. But being able to try some treat, or trendy little thing helps me feel normal, and not so on the under poverty side of life, if anyone can understand.
What I'm ultimately trying to say to people is don't be discouraged if you are on a top ramen food budget. You don't have to eat every damn thing organic, the food police won't come for you, you won't die, and all I know is any conventional fruit or veg is better than mcfood. And while of course we all wish we could have the best kitchen appliances, and utensils, it isn't everyone's reality, and it's okay. You don't have to go without everything. I used to sometimes get so overwhelmed by my lack of disposable income, I just wouldn't even try. If only I knew then what I know now.
And as a final random tip that I'm quite sure is a well known fact, but here goes anyway. If you need a blender, check thrift stores, especially in well to do neighborhoods. It's amazing how much brand new stuff wealthy people buy and never use, and then just donate it. People are so weird. Also, don't be scared of blenders that are old, or shall I say "vintage" I feel that just like cars, a lot of times appliances from back in the day are made from much stronger stock, and are much better quality. Also every thrift store I've been to has an amazing selection of pots and pans, and plates and silverware.
What I  have come to conclude is that life would be easier if I had/earned more money, or if organic foods weren't so expensive, but also life doesn't have to be toxic and bleak if you have less money. And being creative is good for the soul, and lacking funds definitely forces you to get creative. And, as I pointed out yesterday, living the more D.I.Y style of life is very naturally earth kind.

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