Friday, December 9, 2016

Maybe I'm Back After All!

There's nothing like a big plate of injustice to make me take another break from my break. I guess it's hard to feel depressed about being alone on the holidays when this is going on. I could have it a lot worse. If you have a few minutes, please watch this video. A little off topic, but if Cenk were a vegan (and also not married with kids) he would be my number one dream man. He is so passionate and intelligent and speaks from the heart. He is a lawyer, and interestingly enough, he used to be a republican, albeit a moderate republican but still!! I feel terrified that we live in a world where jurors, or anyone can watch that video and say that the shooting was justified. We live in such a scary time.
Don't worry, as I mentioned before I will still be talking about vegan food and vegan issues. Animals are and always will be my number one priority. I just haven't been eating exciting food. My appetite has been on the low side, and I'm also trying to figure out this whole hypothyroidism thing out. I've been emailing with someone who has this issue, and she said two things that must be cut out are gluten and caffeine. Apparently caffeine attacks your adrenal glands which has something to do with your thyroid, and gluten does something weird too. I have been a caffeine addict since I was twelve years old!! I started sneaking coffee from my mom at twelve, and I remember my step dad used to tease me about it stunting my growth. About seven years ago I switched to green tea, but that still has caffeine. For the past week I've been only having one cup of green tea, and then if I want more tea I have herbal. To say I have brain fog is an understatement. When you are depressed and sluggish, no caffeine is HARD!! But at the same time, it feels great to be giving up something that has had a hold on me for so many years!  I'm struggling with going gluten free, but I have to be honest I've been free of gluten for a few days and I do feel a difference. I also read that shoulder stands in yoga stimulate the thyroid, so I've been doing lots of those.
I really want to thank everyone for the support and friendship. The loneliness and hurt I feel is overwhelming, and the comments make my day so much brighter I can never really express my gratitude. Maybe that's why I keep taking a break from my break!
Happy Friday!!


  1. After 19 days of hearing evidence followed by 4 days of deliberations,FIVE of the 12 jurors who after 22 hours of applying the law to the evidence could not convict on murder nor manslaughter as the Black foreman described. So why do these two hack wannabe news correspondents you worship who weren't in the Courtroom, believe they know better! It's amazing how many GOOGLE experts there are on the internet including you. I suppose you will delete this post as you can't seem to handle any disagreement with your opinion.

    1. They;re not hacks. And it isn't that I can't handle people who disagree with me, quite the opposite. I delete your comments because you are MEAN. You don't disagree, you attack. But I'm sure you don't see it that way. And speaking of Google experts, in your charming email you sent me, you said I must hate my neighbors because I liive in a red state. Well, before you check me you should check yourself. I live in Salt Lake City, which if you check any graph you will see is BLUE. Not a smidge of red. Your comments are nasty and mean. And the email you sent you went for my jugular and went real personal and you don't know me. Words hurt and you seem to love that power.
      All I can say is if you can watch that video of a man RUNNING AWAY while unarmed and gtting shot five times in the back, and not have or see a problem, I feel sorry for you. I truly do. Unfortunately because of you I am forced to block all anonymous comments because I will not be bullied on my own blog. And I won't allow my comment section to be a toxic, cancerous wasteland.