Saturday, December 10, 2016

I just Can't Quit You Guys!!!

I wanted to share this video because I know I'm not the only person without health insurance. This is the YouTuber I mentioned before that I've been Emailing with. I think she is so brave to be so open and honest on the interwebz. She is fearless. I've been watching a lot of her videos on Hashimotos and hypothyroidism. I find it helpful just to not feel alone and so scared and hopeless. I feel like I will learn more from her than a doctor anyway. I remember when I had my eating disorders I found it hard to take anything any therapists said seriously because all though they were trained in dealing with those issues, they had never themselves dealt with it. Kind of hard to relate or respect someone when you feel like you're just part of a trial.
I also wanted to apologize to all of my anonymous commenters but this morning I disabled anonymous comments from this blog. I hope it's only temporary, as I start to feel better and can handle mean bullies I will switch back. I've had this blog for a little over three years and have had nothing but support and feel that I've made some amazing friends. But ever since I denounced Dump as president, there is one anonymous person who is driving me insane. I already mentioned the email they sent me, accusing me of having no compassion for people,  and tons of other horrible things. I was bullied in school by both students and teachers and I am very sensitive to bullying. Add to that my very depressed mental state I can't handle it. I know I need to be stronger but right now I can't. And as I've been reading up on hypothyroidism, I've learned that stress is very bad for this disease. Depression is a symptom also, so I have depression on top of depression. This anonymous person left a toxic comment on yesterday's post, and even though I know I shouldn't have responded I did. I want to make it clear that I don't expect everyone to agree with me.  We're humans not robots of course we all have different opinions. I consider myself to be very open minded. But I am not okay with myself, or anyone who reads this blog and comments getting attacked. There is a big difference between the two. This person reminds me of my adoptive dad. If you say something he doesn't like he just annihilates you. I remember years ago before gay marriage was mostly legal getting in a debate with Michael, and he made me feel like the worst person in the world for thinking gay marriage should be legal. He said that I am okay with incest, and child molestation if I agree with gay marriage. He attacked me for some time until I hung up on him. I remember I had to go to work and I was a blubbering mess. Maybe this anonymous person is him, who knows.
It's all a reminder to be careful with our words. Words hurt, and they stay with us. With so much hate and horrible hate crimes going on, it's even more important to be kind, and not go for someone's jugular.
Before I sign off I wanted to show these pictures of this house I randomly stumbled across when I was walking around last week. It's so cheerful and bright it made me smile. It also made me want to knock on the door and meet the owners. I wonder how the rest of the neighborhood feels about it, I've heard stories about how other homeowners can be. Either way I think it's so cheerful and optimistic!

Happy Caturday everyone! I wish for there to be as much love in the world as these girls have for each other and I for them!

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