Friday, April 19, 2019

Easy Meals and Kitty Cuddles!

Wednesday I whipped up a cheese sauce using potato, tahini, nooch and some smoked gouda from daiya. I think that potato and cauliflower cheese or Alfredo sauces are great, but I definitely think they need a little fat to make it taste like a sauce, not just pureed vegetables. Tahini helps, and of course vegan cheese helps a lot! I added a little liquid smoke to amp up the smokiness. I also simmered some cooked lentils in Carolina Gold BBQ sauce which made the meal even better. The mustard-y bite went well with the creamy pasta.
Last night I had no energy to cook, plus my landlord finally had someone come and fix my leaky kitchen faucet which has been leaking for a year! So when I got home, the guy left a disgusting mess in my kitchen which made me not want to cook even more!! So waffle fries to the rescue! I dipped them in vegan mayo and A1 sauce. Super tasty, even if it's not the healthiest!
Today is grocery day, and I'm going to try to make myself go to Trader Joe's. We'll see how that works out, I kind of feel itchy just thinking about it. It just seems like even when I can force myself to get there early it's still a madhouse. Which will I choose, mental health or budget this week??
Just when I thought I was going to see less cuddles, Etta and Afro decided to prove me wrong. I have no problem being wrong!
And just to really show me how wrong I was, Kiki joined the pile a few minutes later. She's very lucky to get to use that belly for a pillow!


  1. OMG YUM!!! That mac n cheese looks so incredible and CREAMY! I am so jealous, I want that in my belly right now! The waffle fries look perfect too! Love the kitty snuggle piles! So sweet!

    1. I'm loving potato cheese sauce because it's so freaking creamy not to mention cheap!!!

  2. Your mac & cheese & lentils looks amazing! And such cute cuddlers!

  3. The mac and cheese looks so good and creamy!
    That is so gross that the plumber just left mess everywhere, they should clean up after themselves as part of the service!